Coil Pack Ignition Viper 97-06 V10

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New coil pack for Dodge Viper V10 1997-2006.  The Viper uses two coil packs, one is a 4-post and the other is a 6-post.  Choose from 4 or 6 post, OEM Mopar brand or aftermarket.  The six post coil has an oval connector that is 4-pin.  The four post coil has an oval 3-pin connector.

* The 6-post Viper coil pack is NLA and getting hard to find.  Replacement coil packs use a slightly different connector and only have cylinders 1-6 stamped on top.  We understand that these coils will work with a slight mod to the connector. 

Our aftermarket 6-post coil pack (800-2009) has the correct connector but #'s 1-6 on the coil.


Brand/Post: OEM-6 Post

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