Rivet Body Panel Bumper Splash Shield 92-02

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New body panel rivet for 1992-2002.  This rivet is used on the rear bumper (center by exhaust) and rear splash shields (fender lip).  Choose from OEM (aluminum) or aftermarket (plastic).  The aftermarket rivets have different head sizes, larger heads can help to cover up scratches from removing the originals.  Also the plastic rivet is easily removed (without scratching the paint) if you need to remove again down the road.  Rivet head is .582" on OEM and the aftermarket is available in 3 sizes: .505", .665" or .785".  Both rivets have .225" shaft size (before spreading).

The aftermarket rivet will require a special rivet gun for large shaft rivets, or you can use pliers to pull it.  


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Option: Aftermarket-Plastic .505"

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