Engine Gasket Set Viper 8.0L 92-96 RT10 OEM

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Engine gasket set for Dodge Viper 8.0L 1992-1996 RT10 (not 96 GTS).  This gasket kit includes every gasket shown in the picture and in OEM Mopar brand where available.  Some gaskets are no longer available from Mopar so we have replaced with high quality aftermarket gaskets.  This kit will include every gasket except for the oil pan gasket.  Kit Includes: 

(1) Water pump O-ring seal

(1) Thermostat housing gasket OEM

(1) Thermostat gasket OEM

(1) Front Cover gasket 

(1) Rear cover gasket

(2) Intake manifold gaskets OEM

(2) Cylinder head gaskets, MLS, .051" thick

(2) Exhaust manifold gaskets OEM

(2) Valve cover gaskets OEM

(1) Water jacket passage gasket

(1) front and (1) rear crankshaft seal OEM

(1) Oil filter adaptor gasket

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