Flywheel Lightweight Aluminum Viper and RAM 92-06 V10 Fidanza

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New Fidanza lightweight aluminum flywheel. Choose for Dodge Viper 1992-02 8.0L or Viper/RAM SRT 8.3L V10 2003-06.

Fidanza Aluminum Flywheels Feature:

  • MAIN BODY - 6061 T6 ALUMINUM Tolerances machined to +/- .001 6061 T6 has an ultimate tensile strength of at least 42,000 psi and a yield strength of at least 35,000 psi.
  • RING GEAR - 1050 STEEL / HEAT TREATED Heat treated for durability. The gears are heated then pressed on and secured with grade 8 button screws.
  • REPLACEABLE FRICTION PLATE - 1045 STEEL The friction surface used is an incredibly strong 1045 steel.  With these replaceable plates there is no need to replace the entire flywheel when the clutch or flywheel is at the end of it’s life, saving time and money.
  • BUTTON SCREWS - GRADE 8 securing the ring gear to the flywheel.
  • FASTENERS - MILITARY SPEC Military grade aerospace fasteners aid in pulling heat away from the clutch face. 
  • STEPPED DOWELS - STEEL Once pressure plate is installed they become locked in place. First in the industry to implement the use of stepped dowels.
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Year: 92-02

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