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Remanufactured fuel injector set (10) for Dodge Viper 1992-2002, 8.0L.  These are available in 270cc and 310cc.  The 270cc (26#) are stock replacement for 1992-96 and the 310cc (30#) are for 1997-02.  Includes new seals and filter. (The 310 cc can be used in 92-96 if you are looking for a larger injector but will require tuning). 

Get your Viper back to its optimal performance level with proper functioning injectors.  Over the years injectors can become partially clogged or the electronics can weaken causing a poor performing injector which leads to power loss in the engine.  

* We will pay $150 for your used set of injectors (non broken).

SKU 800-2162

Size: 270cc

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