Harland Sharp Roller Rocker Arm Set Viper 8.0L 8.3L 1992-2006

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New set of Harland sharp roller rocker arms for Dodge Viper 8.0L and 8.3L*, 1992-2006*.  These are 1.7 ratio which can give more lift at the valve for more power, especially on early cars which had 1.5 ratio rockers.  These are stock replacement rocker arms that are stronger than stock and increase horsepower through reduced friction and higher rocker arm ratio.  3/8" bolts.

Stock rocker ratio:

Gen 1 = 1.5

Gen 2 = 1.6

Gen 3 = 1.7

7.500" pushrod recommended with these rockers.

* 2003-06 8.3L will require shortening the valve cover baffle mounts for extra clearance.  Or using Gen 2 valve covers.

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