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New Kooks Green stainless steel catalytic converter for 3" pipe.  A high performance EPA friendly compact cat that can replace your original Viper cats.  

Kooks Custom Headers is doing their part for the environment by partnering with Global Emissions Systems Inc. (GESi) and staring the “Green Revolution” of EPA certified Catalytic convertors.  No longer do you have to choose between performance or environmental responsibility when their “Green Cats” do not rob power (are said to have less than a 5hp loss), work on NA and Forced Induction applications up to 800hp, at temperatures up to 1,500*F, will not set off a Check Engine Light, are OBD-2 compliant, and meets EPA Federal emission standards and are 49-state certified (due to the California Vehicle Code Section 27156 and 38391).

The GESi High Output Catalytic Converter features full stainless steel construction, including the substrate, outperforms stock converters, and provides a reliable solution to the most common catalytic converter problems.  The 300-cell per square inch stainless steel substrate is furnace braised to the mantle and uses a unique end-cap design lock for outstanding durability and rattle-free operation.  The cat can reach operating efficiency within 9 seconds of startup and is covered by a 5 year / 50,000 mile warranty on the shell and tube ends. 

In order to achieve the necessary levels of pollution control, lower density cats need to be significantly lengthened, which reduces flow.  It's possible to end up with a 100-cell converter that does not flow as well as a 300-cell model, and the short body of the Kooks “Green Cat” is designed for flow and efficiency.  According to Kooks, this is the only aftermarket racing cat that will pass emissions, not set CEL, and make a ton of hp.

Great article on Corsa exhaust with Kooks green cats:


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