Lug Nuts Open End Spline Drive Thin Viper 92-017

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Open end spline drive chrome lug nuts with 1/2-20 threads.  These will fit Dodge Viper 1992-2017.  The open end is designed for use with longer than stock wheel studs so that full thread engagement can be achieved without worrying about bottoming out in the nut.  These are also spline drive which means they can be used on wheels with a small diameter lug nut hole.  The spline drive tool is only .80" diameter (typical 3/4" thin wall socket is 1" diameter).  Lug nuts are sold in sets of six and the tool is sold separately.  High quality Gorilla brand nuts. 

*The factory service manual recommends lug nuts to be tightened to 80-100 ft lbs.

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