Oil Cooler Hose Line Viper 8.0L 96-02

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New stock replacement oil cooler hose for Dodge Viper 1996-2002 8.0L.  Choose from upper or lower.  Sold individually.  The longer hose with the longer elbow is the upper or inlet hose.  The shorter hose is the lower or outlet hose.  Made in USA, handles up to 400 degree F temps and 500 psi.   We pressure test these hoses after assembly for 1 minute at 120psi for leaks.  Same materials and construction as the originals.   Short line is about 24" and the longer line is about 26" total length.

Short= 4848300

Long= 4848310

* Factory service manual recommends 25 ft lbs of torque for the oil cooler lines to the oil cooler and 35 ft lbs at the oil filter adaptor. 

SKU 800-1982

Size: Long-Upper

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