Oil Filter Pure Power Re-usable Performance Viper 08-17 8.4L

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Pure Power high performance re-usable oil filter for 2008-2017 Viper 8.4L.

PurePower! Oil Filters Work Better Than Disposable Filters

When you upgrade to a PurePower! lifetime oil filter, your engine will thank you.

  • Our double-woven stainless steel filter media catches more contaminants than disposable filters.
  • Cleaner oil leads to better performance.
  • Integrated neodymium magnets capture metal particles that are too small for filtration, reducing engine wear.
  • Our filters are built better than disposable filters, with leakproof Viton® O-Rings, 304 stainless steel filter media, stainless steel bypass valve and valve springs, and CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum for the canister and bypass valve housing.

Many PurePower! filter customers report increased fuel economy, less engine noise, and increased engine power.

Lifetime Filters Reduce Hazardous Waste and Save Money

With a PurePower! lifetime oil filter, you’ll save money every time your change your oil!

  1. Instead of buying a premium disposable filter, just clean and reuse your PurePower! filter
  2. PurePower! filters are easy to clean – just take it apart, wash, dry, and re-assemble. It takes five minutes.
  3. No more throwing a dirty filter in the garbage every time you change your oil

When you upgrade to a PurePower! oil filter, you can stop throwing money away on disposable oil filters.

PurePower! Filters Are Built For Severe Duty

Since 1995, PurePower! filters have been used in commercial trucking fleets, government fleets, off-road racing teams, motorcycle racers, boat owners, aircraft owners, and countless private cars, trucks, and SUVs. Made in the USA, PurePower! filters are designed to last the lifetime of your engine (if not longer).

Whether you’re an enthusiast looking for the best available oil filter, a fleet manager looking for a way to reduce maintenance costs, or you’re tired of throwing money away on disposable oil filters, your engine will love a PurePower! lifetime oil filter.

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