Radiator Aluminum Performance Viper 1994-2002

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New aluminum radiator for Dodge Viper 1994-2002.  Stock replacement high performance aluminum radiator.  The core for this custom built performance radiator features 2 rows of 1" tubes. The tubes are space 3/8" apart, on center. With 3/8" centers we are able to put more rows of tubes, fins, and coolant volume in the core as well as create more surface area for air to travel over; allowing for greater heat dissipation.  *Cooling system capacity approx 12.8 quarts.

**Made to order - approx 3 - 4 week lead time and most of the time will be drop shipped from the manufacturer**

  • No epoxy, fully furnace brazed
  • Fully TIG welded
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA
  • Inlet: 1 3/4"
    Outlet: 2"
  • 16 fins per inch

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