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Shipping Insurance offers premium protection for items that are lost or damaged in transit. Notify us here of lost or damaged insured shipments within 20 days of your order being placed. Shipping Insurance is optional and can be added or removed from your cart before checkout.

Lost in transit
We will make an initial inquiry with the carrier for more detailed tracking information. If the carrier cannot confirm to us that the shipment is still in transit, we will refund or reship the order at no charge.

Damaged in transit
We will request pictures from you via email of the damaged item and the box it arrived in. Items damaged in transit will be refunded or replaced at no charge. We may also provide a prepaid return shipping label and request that you return the damaged item.

Shipping Insurance does not cover all carrier delays (e.g., weather, COVID-19), customs delays & fees, lost/returned shipments due to an incorrect address entered by the customer at checkout, or lost/stolen shipments after the tracking number shows delivered.

What’s the price?
Shipping Insurance is automatically calculated as roughly 2% of the order total, with a minimum of $0.98. It is non-refundable after the order has shipped.

Why choose Viper Parts Depot’s shipping insurance rather than the carrier’s insurance?
Carriers frequently deny claims or only cover partial cost of your items based on the declared value, and their claims/reimbursement process takes +28 days. We will work with you directly to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, without a requirement that you handle your own claim via the carrier.

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