Serpentine Drive Belt Viper V10 8.0L 97-02

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New serpentine drive belt for Dodge Viper 8.0L 1997-2002. Choose from with or without air conditioning for the standard replacement belts. We also have available the Gates RPM "racing" version of the serpentine belt for use with A/C only, as well as a standard belt for use with the IPSCO underdrive pulley. 

*OEM without A/C # 53010282AB.

RPM belt option description:

Racing, Performance, Muscle.  The only belt in the industry specifically designed for high-output and forced induction engines.  Specially-engineered to deliver maximum boost and performance, these belts feature the most advanced technology.

  • Advanced, exact-fit and precision-ground belt profile
  • Two layers of adhesion gum for maximum strength and durability
  • High-modulus, low stretch aramid cord
  • Nylon-fiber reinforced undercord
  • Strict OEM dimensional specifications
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Belt: With A/C

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