Skip Shift Eliminator Kit Viper 92-17

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Skip shift eliminator for Dodge Viper 1992-2017.

  • Eliminates annoying forced 1st-4th gear shift.
  • Plug and Play. Installs in minutes.
  • OBDII compatible - Will not trigger Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon Light.
  • Will not void your warranty.
  • Made in the USA with OEM connectors and high quality TXL wires.
  • Zip ties included for a neat and tidy factory looking installation.
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1. Safely raise vehicle to allow access to transmission.

2. Remove the connector from the skip shift solenoid. Skip shift solenoid is located about halfway down the transmission case toward the top, on the driver’s side.

NOTE: Do not install Skip Shift Eliminator on the reverse lockout solenoid or your vehicle will not be able to shift into reverse. The connectors are the same. (See finger pointing in Figure 1 for correct skip shift solenoid location.)

3. Install the white connector from the Skip Shift Eliminator onto the skip shift solenoid transmission end (See Figure 2).

4. Install the original connector from the vehicle wiring harness into the other connector on the Slip Shift Eliminator (See Figure 2).

5. Place wiring harness back into original location, tucked up along the transmission.

6. Safely lower vehicle back down. Install is now complete.

NOTE: Skip shift light on dash will still function as before, but shifting to 2nd and 3rd gear will no longer be locked out with eliminator installed. No eliminator on the market will turn off the light.

Connector Ends

Figure 1

Figure 2